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saturnalia Sol hanging decoration

Saturnalia Wooden SOL Symbol

On Saturnalia - a celebration of the winter solstice - Romans decorated their houses with the appropriate attributes to bring special joy and merriness to the new year when the days start growing longer again. The ...
Charon's obol coins

Set of 5 Obol Copper Coins

Obol is a Roman Copper Coin used in the burial ceremony The Set consists of 5 Coins each in a plastic proof box. Shipping is Free!
$25.99 $19.49

SPQR Roman Wooden Wall Sign Decor

Introducing the SPQR Roman Wooden Wall Sign Decor, the perfect addition to any room in your home or office! This exquisite wall sign features the iconic SPQR letters, representing the ancient Roman Senate and People.

SPQR Vexillum – Roman Flag

A true Roman Vexillum SPQR Flag - a Maroon Linen banner with a beautiful golden wreath and SPQR print - the iconic symbols of Ancient Rome!
statue of the roman god terminus

Terminus Statue

We are proud to present to you a carefully handcrafted Brass Statue of Terminus - the Roman God of boundaries and borders!
$99.00 $74.25