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Greek peplos peplus
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Roman Linen Tunic / Tunica

An authentic Roman Tunic from ARX Mercatura is a garment carefully handcrafted from high quality natural linen fabric! Available are Angusticlavia - equestrian version with stripes, Laticlavus - senatorial version with one stripe, or a plain ...
authentic roman toga praetexta
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Roman Toga

Buy an authentic toga. All togas are made of high-quality wool-like flannel/linen with (or without) sewn stripe according to authentic antique Roman togas. You can choose between a white toga made of wool-like flannel and a ...
wooden shelf sitter

Roman Wooden Shelf Sitters

Add the desired Style in the Comment to your order! (E.G. A1, B4, G1, etc.) Wooden Shelf Sitters with our own antique style are perfect to decorate your household.
Altar dedicated to a deity

Sacellum Caelius

Roman Shrine Sacellum is made of high-quality wood and is specialized to be dedicated to a certain Deity. It is designed to fit a Figurine of your Patron God or Goddess as well as candles/offerings.
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Lares with a cornucopia

Sacellum TIBERIS

Sacellum is a place for statues to Gods or to Lares and Penates - household deities - and is a must-have for everyone who is following Roman Tradition, involved in Roman reenactment movement, or simply interested ...
Saturnalia party decorations

Saturnalia Garlands

Saturnalia is approaching! Brighten your celebration with themed paper Garlands! 3 Font options are available.
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